2010-04-10 Spring outing to Hertford

On a sunny day in April, a combined Stepney/Bermondsey outing set off in a collection of moderately priced cars and Chris’s entry for ‘pimp my ride’.  Gill Harris had arranged a challenging itinerary of 5 towers ending up at Waltham Abbey where at least half of the group had their first experience of a twelve-bell tower. Although Gill had arranged an optional running route between some of the towers, the girls seemed to prefer a ride in Chris’s car  than putting in some tough miles.  A pub lunch was served in the Fish and Eels at Dobbs Weir and a pleasant day was had by all.  Many thanks to Gill for her efforts and to the photographer for ignoring the towers and concentrating on the ringers. p.s. the editor takes no responsibility for outrageous comments arising from his jealousy of other people’s cars.

3 thoughts on “2010-04-10 Spring outing to Hertford

  1. Elizabeth

    But how can you pass up a ride down a country road in a yellow Lotus? Especially at my age!

    Was it June? I think it was April 10.

    Good pics!

  2. andrewlarsen Post author

    I’m just jealous as I wasn’t offered a ride. Scholboy error on the month – sorry, fixed now. I don’t actually know who took the pics – Andrew sent them to me – they are very good.

  3. Gill

    And I didn’t even get a ride! More towers are needed in the next one so that there are more trips between them so that rides can be divvied up fairly

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