City Farm votes Stepney bells a ‘baaaag’ hit

Elizabeth sent this email recently –


By the way, I had a really nice email from a Southgate ringer who came to help us with wedding ringing last weekend. He said this:

As for last Saturday, it was a pleasure. I really quite enjoyed my ‘day out in London’ – it’s a beautiful old church and you’ve a very friendly band there. One thing I must tell you: on my way back to the station afterwards, I stopped off at the city farm opposite the church to have a look round. (As a child, my school holidays were always spent on farms, either with my grandparents or else with aunts and uncles, down in Devon, so I’m still something of a country bumpkin at heart!) I got talking to one of the staff there, and she asked if I lived locally. I said no, I’d only come down from Enfield to ring for a wedding at St Dunstan’s. Well, you should have heard what she said! She was ever so complimentary about our bellringing; in fact, she even called one of her colleagues over to introduce me! They’d been listening to our efforts from across the road, and thoroughly enjoying it apparently. So you see – you have fans at Stepney City Farm! I thought perhaps you’d like to pass it on to the rest of the band.

We have fans! I wonder if the sheep, goats and pigs are as appreciative? Anyway, maybe we could get a reporter to go to the farm and ask them their views about the bell ringing!


Link to Stepney City Farm and gratuitous photo of a cute sheep for those townies amongst us who don’t know what they look like.

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