Christmas Carol Service Ringing Challenge

In previous years, the Docklands Ringers have prided themselves for being able to cover multiple and nearly simultaneous carol service ringing gigs at the various Docklands Towers with some keen organisation by tower captains and enthusiasm by ringers. They then quite naturally reward themselves for a job well done with a festive drink at a local atmospheric Thames-side pub.

This year the challenge is two-fold. A huge contingent of our ringers are being spirited away to a ringing outing on Lundy on the very weekend when all the carol services will take place. We are a depleted team, but – can we do it anyway? Andrew Clark, this year’s organiser and like another noted Christmas list maker, has made a list and checked it twice. He thinks we can. If we can count on ALL of the remaining ringers we might JUST pull it off.

Are you one of the ringers not flitting off to Lundy? If so, get in touch NOW to pledge your support. We have services on the evening of Sunday 18 December at 5 Docklands churches. Some start at 6 and some at 6.30, so we need ringers for 5.15 and 5.45. Andrew will deploy you to where you’re most needed and then we’ll all agree to meet somewhere nice to celebrate the fact that Docklands Ringers can save the carol-service day despite Lundy outing decimation! Don’t let this year be the year we fail to do it!

Docklands church carol services need you. Pledge your support NOW: contact Andrew or Elizabeth by any means. We look forward to ringing and toasting our accomplishment with you on Sunday 18 December! Help us fight the odds to triumph in another cross-Docklands service provision victory!