Sign up to ring for the London Marathon 22 April 2012

Docklands Ringers will be ringing on the route of the London Marathon for the 5th consecutive year on Sunday 22 April. This year we return to our original pitch in Evelyn Road, Deptford.

Ringing for 2008 London Marathon

Weather was a mix of sun and showers

It’s a fun – if early – morning’s work and if you’ve never rung the Charmborough bells, this is your chance. We need a team to unload (before 7.30am) and erect the ring under the supervision of Roger Booth. Any ringers who want to join in and provide the ringing are very welcome. There’s usually time for two quarter peals and some open ringing. We’re on a site with a few spectators, too, so we’ll use the recruitment opportunity to hand out leaflets and talk to interested passers by. When it’s all over the ring needs to be dismantled and loaded on to its trailer. Access is easiest from Cutty Sark DLR (about a 10-minute walk). For other transport, check the TfL website for changes to bus services and access, as it’s not possible to cross the route once the marathon is underway. Come and cheer on ringers running this year, including Clara Westlake and our own Gill Harris!
Please contact Jonathan if you’re available to help in any capacity.