Three Diamond Jubilee Quarter Peals

Members of Docklands were involved in three quarter peals rung on 3 June 2012 to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Thames Procession. All details can be found on Bell Board:

——  Waterloo at noon ——   Rotherhithe at 4.30pm ——   Stepney at 8pm ——

Special mention is due to Andrew Smith ringing his first ever quarter (well done!), Alison Hammond, ringing her second (well done!),  Andrew Clark conducting his first of Triples (fantastic!), Kevin Turner ringing his first quarter of Grandsire Triples (well done!) and Greg Rose covering on Stepney’s Tenor for the first time (way to go!). Andrew Clark, Ed Bucknall and Elizabeth LeMoine rang in all three bands.

We’d like to thank visitors who helped to make up our bands. Graham Slade, Tower Captain at Hurst in Berkshire pitched up at Waterloo to join the practice whilst waiting for the Thames Procession to begin. He willingly joined the quarter peal band instead (relieving Trisha for more pressing duties!). John Moore and Iain Davey from Balcombe and Crawley respecitvely, last minute recruits roped in at Friday’s Camberwell practice, enabled us to ring Triples at Rotherhithe. Their bonus was access to Rotherhithe steeple for great views of the dispersing procession vessels.  Sebastian Lucas, Liam Sims and Tom Lawrance, members of the Foster Lane Band coming from other performances elsewhere, enabled us to ring Triples at Stepney. Thanks to all for helping out!

Well done to everyone for contributing to the celebrations and for a perfect 3 out of 3!