DRC hold Open Day at Rotherhithe

The DRC held an Open Day at Rotherhithe on Sunday, September 23rd taking advantage of the many Open House events also taking place in Rotherhithe village.

Members provided visitors a good sight of the bells from the viewing platform above, ringing demonstrations in the ringing tower, and plenty of exercise going up and down the tower staircase.

Andrew Clark showing visitors the bells

Despite some dreadful weather, over 100 visitors spent time with us.  The visitors included Open House circuit tourists, and local people who  were dragged in from their normal business by our touts on the street.

Claudia displaying some impressive umbrella control while accosting passers-by

Several visitors were sufficiently interested to leave an email address and we will follow up to see if we can pick up some recruits.

It was nice to see old friends including Afua and the Pinnocks, and Shelagh Norman and Chris Goldsmith from Greenwich who responded to an earlier appeal for helpers on the day. So, thanks to everybody for making such a successful day, and we’re already looking forward to next year.


Andrew demanding to see a visitor’s wallet before he will provide any information

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