Rotherhithe Open Day Follow up and Feedback

Many of the 100+ visitors to Rotherhithe on Sunday 23 September 2012 expressed an interest to know more or to give it a try, either with us or in other parts of London. They have now all been contacted and sent details of towers local to them and association training officers who can advise or invitations to one of our practices. Within 24 hours we’ve already had some feedback! So to reward all the Docklands members who helped out at Rotherhithe on that rainy Sunday, here are our ‘user reviews’:

“Thanks very much for following this up and for arranging/participating in the splendid bell ringing display last Sunday – it was truly inspirational”

“It was a real privilege to see the ringing at St Marys on Sunday. We both enjoyed it. I will see if I could be involved. Thanks for the contact details.”

“I much enjoyed my visit to the Rotherithe tower at the London Open House 2012. Your hospitality was much appreciated and your ethusiasm infectious!”

Well done, team! You are inspirational!