Automated emailing of new Calendar entries

Following a request made at the DRC AGM, I have changed the web site such that it automatically sends an email to members when somebody adds an entry to the Calendar.

The intention is to make sure that all members are notified when something is coming up. The email will contain sufficient information to stand in its own right, but also has a link to the Calendar on the website in case you want to know more. The email also contains an ‘unsubscribe’ option if you don’t want to receive future emails of this type.

I’m afraid the web-site isn’t clever enough to generate an email if a calendar entry is changed or deleted, so the organisers will need to inform this separately if they want it brought to everyones’ attention (a delete and new post will take care of a change, although it is slightly clumsy).

Hopefully, this will promote more use of the calendar function. Anybody who wants to know how to use it, please contact me or one of the regular users.