DRC Annual Challenge Striking Contest

If it’s the DRC AGM, then it must be the annual challenge striking competition between Stepney and Bermondsey bands. Keen to rebuff their 100% losing record, Andrew Clark selected two teams for the call changes and method bands and even had rehearsals.

Ian Mills kindly offered to sit outside St Marys, Rotherhithe on a really cold day to judge the action.

Team 1 was Stepney call changes, team 2 Bermondsey call changes, team 3 Stepney method, and team 4 Bermondsey method.

The Stepney Band confidently waiting for the signal to ring first in the Striking Competition. Left to Right Kevin Turner, Elizabeth LeMoine, Greg Rose, Joe, Chris Giddins, Ed Bucknall, Jonathan Slack

The greater experience of the Stepney teams prevailed once again in both events. Although Ian did provide me with his score sheets, common decency (and being on the losing side) inhibits them being published here. However, Ian did comment that the Bermondsey call change band ‘obviously enjoyed ringing as it went on a long time’.

So, once again, we have a nice picture of Ian Mills presenting the Cup (and Saucer) to Elizabeth.

Ian Mills presenting the challenge cup and saucer to Elizabeth LeMoine