2012 Xmas Party Handbells

The DRC xmas party was once again kindly hosted by Simon and Janet in their Wapping apartment. This year, following a lively discussion over whether it was a furkin or a polypin, a barrel of beer was provided. Ed clearly drank most of it, whatever it was called.

As part of the entertainment, a handbell ensemble played a selection of carols. I’m afraid my rubbish picturetaking doesn’t do it justice, but here’s a picture for the record.

Handbells at Xmas party. From left to right are: Jae Kyung (Leah) Kim, Greg Rose, Paul Burnell, Tom Lawrance (back to the camera), Barbara Caswell, Helen Ireland, Elizabeth LeMoine, Rie Watanabe, Lee Garlick, of St Vedast Handbell Ringers.

If there are more pictures or anecdotes available, I’ll happily add them to the post…….