DRC Striking Competition and AGM

On Sunday 24th November the Docklands Ringing Centre held its annual striking competition and AGM.

This year the event was held at Stepney. Rhiannon and Dominic Meredith kindly agreed to judge the competition. They even agreed to sit in a cold car while they were judging.

Team 1 was Bermondsey call changes, team 2 Stepney call changes, team 3 Bermondsey method, and team 4 Stepney method.

Following the ringing an amazing tea was prepared by Gill and her team.  The judges then came in from the cold were given a cup of tea to warm up and a few minutes to get through a some sandwiches before they delivered the results.

Once again, although the results were close, Stepney were awarded both the cup and saucer. Elizabeth picked up the saucer for the rounds and call changes team:

Dom awards the saucer

Chris then picked up the cup for the method team:

Chris pics up the cup

The DRC then held its annual AGM. None of the officers changed, but Greg was voted onto the committee in place of Tom Pinnock.

Thanks to our judges, Gill and her team and everyone who made it such a successful afternoon.