Tueday night band make progress

Members of the Tuesday night band at Bermondsey and Rotherhithe have made significant progress in March and April, quarter peals having been attempted and scored most weeks, either as part of the Tuesday night specials, or Sunday service ringing at Rotherhithe and Isle of Dogs:

Andrew Larsen has rung his first quarter of Kent Treble Bob Minor on the treble.

Joe Tilley has rung his first of Kent Treble Bob Minor inside.

Eva Redei has scored her first of Doubles on the Treble, and followed this up buy ringing the treble to another in two Doubles methods and the treble to another of Plain Bob Doubles

Jonathan Gregson has also rung his first of Plain Bob Doubles inside, and followed this up by ringing his first of Grandsire Doubles inside and Plain Bob Minor on the Treble

Louise Booth has also conducted her first quarter of mixed doubles.

In addition to these firsts, many other ringers have taken the opportunity to ring and several have also practiced their conducting skills; a total of eighteen ringers having participated (Harry Baulcombe, Andrew Booth, Louise Booth, Roger Booth, Luke Camden, Andrew Clark, Simon Fraser, Colin Friend, Jonathan Gregson, Gillian Harris, Richard Hensman, Andrew Larsen, Elizabeth LeMoine, Nolan Marchand, Eva Redei, Trisha Shannon, Joe Tilley and Mike Todd).

Besides the ones that have been scored, we have also lost quarters of Plain Bob Minor and Plain Bob Triples. Perhaps someone is sending us a message, but over the coming months we will make the effort to help more people move on to ringing Minor and Triples, although we will still need to continue ringing quite a lot of doubles, not only to refine our striking, but also enable those who are currently ringing the tenor behind, or hunting the treble, to move on. We also need to cater for those who are coming through the system and who will soon be ready to attempt their first quarter.

In addition to the quarters, Guseppina and Luigi Vincenti have also achieved their ‘Learning the Ropes’ Level 1 and are now working towards Level 2. There are several other people at the same stage, so it looks like that there is still more progress to be made and many more quarters to be rung.