Learning the Rules, not the Blue Line

On Saturday 17th May, Jonathan Slack led a workshop for five ringers to learn the theory and the practice of ringing a new method by learning the rules rather than the blue line.  With coffee in hand, we learned the theory of Double Court Bob Minor – that you don’t dodge with the treble, that you treble bob at front and back, but if the treble turns you from the front or back, don’t dodge – plain hunt out and do places far (4ths) and near (3rds).  Simple!  Then we tried it.  Most of us are are devotees of the blue line, so to dispense with the graphic image and ringing by watching where the treble is proved quite a hard lesson, but a very worthwhile one.  With Jonathan plus five people ringing the method for the first time, it took an hour of attempts before we cracked it, but cracked it we did, and, flushed with success, rang Double Oxford Bob Minor at the first time of asking!

The next DRC training day is Saturday 14th June when simulator sessions will be on offer again.