Learn to ring

Ringing is a fantastic activity for all ages, opening opportunities for mental and physical challenge, travel and exploration of new places and a huge group of welcoming friends.

The only requirements are that you can reach the ropes – you don’t need to be strong, musical or religious. It’s about the centuries old technique and people as young as 11 and well into their 60’s are successfully learning to ring.

How long would it take ?

There are two stages: It usually takes between six and ten hour’s practice to ring a tower bell on your own. We have taught people to ring in a weekend, but normally try to fix up a couple of one hour ‘tied bell’ practices each week in the initial stages.

Then you have to learn to ring in time with the rest of the team. This can take as long again, and often longer. Once you can do this there are many tunes (we call them “Methods”) for the team to learn.

What is expected?

Teaching each bellringer involves a significant amount of the instructor’s time. We therefore ask that you undertake to ring at least two Sundays each month, that you are punctual and practice regularly to keep your skills up.

Who will teach you ?

The Docklands Ringing Centre has a number of teachers that are accredited through the Association of Ringing Teachers. These teachers have completed ART’s national training programme and have also cleared to work with children and young people under child protection legislation.

Teachers that are ART Members use the structured learning scheme ‘Learning the Ropes’.

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