Introduction to spliced minor at Limehouse

Introduction to spliced minor at Limehouse

April 25, 2015

A morning session to introduce you to ringing spliced minor. DRC members come free, non-members will need to pay £5.00. If you would like to come, please let me know by e-mail, or complete the on-line form.

A plain course of any Surprise Minor method takes about 5 minutes to ring, and touches take longer. Splicing methods allows you to practice more than method at once. However many methods do not splice together easily, without introducing falseness, which makes things difficult if you want to ring a quarter peal. The secret is to use methods which contain the same rows in a plain course. As the lead-end order is different you can also jump from one calling position to another and produce touches short enough to ring on a practice night. On higher numbers splicing also allows you to cut out the less musical rows and to maximise the musical qualities of your touch, quarter or peal.

The secret to ringing spliced is not to learn a continuous blue line, but to learn all the starts (and finishes), one lead at a time. This introductory session will be based on the Cambridge Minor 'family'. We will add Primrose, Ipswich and Norfolk in that order. No need to learn all of these methods, just learn as many as you wish, in that order. To make things easy you will find that all of the starts are the same and there are quite a few other similarities between these methods. We will also use plain bob and little bob to help practice changing methods and learning the starts.

You can download the methods at: Form 

We will try and arrange some quarters of spliced minor to follow up this event and the Whiting Society are holding a whole day spliced minor training day at Rotherhithe on Saturday 26th September.


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