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After 28 silent Sundays

This morning, for the first time since the spring lockdown, Stepney bells sounded before Sunday service. The last regular ringing had taken place Sunday 15 March. 

Socially distanced full-circle ringing with a 15-minute limit is not really practicable with bells as heavy as Stepney’s to raise and lower. However, equipped with Ellecombe chimes on the back eight, Stepney has a stand-by alternative though it needed some TLC: accustomed as we are to ringing full circle every Sunday pre-lockdown, the Ellecombe has been disconnected for several years. Following a full inspection, maintenance and reconnection by Steeplekeeper Julian and Assistant Steeplekeeper Éva, it’s easier to ring now than ever it has been.

Éva and Elizabeth took turns ringing this morning for the 10am service. Huge thanks to Julian and Éva for looking after the installation so expertly.

The bells are barely audible in the gallery before the organ overwhelms them entirely. Can you identify all the named changes just by watching the orders of the ropes? We like the matching face mask and wellies!