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Success is the Reward for Perserverance

We almost had an all ladies band! (Emma couldn’t come to Isle of Dogs). Back L to R: Piers, Buky, Anna, Justina, Lina, Front: Bo, Lily, Naoko. The peal board in the background is the first peal rung by an all ladies band. Success is the Reward for Perseverance!

The bands at Isle of Dogs and Greenwich work closely together, especially as we have a fair number of new ringers, and the two towers are only 15 minutes walk apart. As one service starts at 10am and the next at 11am, we can easily ring for both morning services. Today we were able to ring rounds and call changes on the front six at Greenwich and all eight at Isle of Dogs.

What is remarkable is that of the ten ringers today, four have only learnt in the past six months, and two more have been ringing for less than a year. Never the less they are all making excellent progress towards Levels 2 and 3 of Learning the Ropes.

Today was also one of the band’s 16th Birthday https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1206191

Isle of Dogs is the tower where the first all ladies band rang a peal, back in 1912. We look forward to further progress and to the day, in the not too distant future, when at least some of our new ringers also ring their first peal. ‘Success is the Reward for Perseverance’ as the motto on the peal board says!

David Connearn scores first quarter

The band (l to r) Jim, Graham, Andrew S, Andrew B, Roger, David

Hot on the heels of Emma Roberts, David Connearn, also of Greenwich has successfully scored his first quarter peal, at the first attempt, by ringing the tenor to a well struck quarter peal of Grandsire and Plain Bob Doubles at St Alfege Greenwich.

David is not far off being ready to ring the treble to a quarter peal and it will now be a race between David and Emma to score the second quarter peal needed to achieve Learning the Ropes Level 3.

It is also encouraging that there are seven more ringers from Greenwich and Isle of Dogs all working through Learning the Ropes, with Bo and Piers Myers of Isle of Dogs reaching Level 1 on the same day at the Middlesex CA and London DG summer school at Kensington, and having only started to learn five days before. This group may soon be joined by several more, so David and Emma will have a lot of competition to see who reaches Level 5 first.


Lily rings on Sunday for the first time, after starting eight weeks ago

Not only did Lily Tang come and help with the fun-day at Bermondsey on Saturday, but Lily rang for her first Sunday service at Greenwich on Sunday morning. Lily only had her first lesson at Greenwich eight weeks ago, but she rang the third to some very creditable rounds and simple call-changes on the front six.

This was the first time in many years that there had been ringing before the morning service at Greenwich, and it was good that four ringers who do not normally have the opportunity to ring on Sunday mornings came along.

Afterwards seven of us walked the short distance through the foot tunnel under the Thames to Isle of Dogs, where we were joined by Buky Rufai and Lily rang some more rounds and simple call-changes on eight.

To top that, in the evening Lily came to ring for the evening service at Deptford and rang some more rounds on eight. So ringing at three towers, two of which were new. That’s enthusiasm!

Lily is already developing a good handling style and although not perfect yet, she is striking her bell more or less in the right place much of the time. Something that will only improve with plenty of practice, like she had yesterday. We very much look forward to our next batch of new ringers at Bermondsey and Greenwich making similar progress.

New talent coming through

The Isle of Dogs quarter peal band (l to r) Emma, Roger, Andrew, Graham, Rod, Paul.

We have quite a few ringers working their way up the ladder, and it can be quite difficult arranging quarter peal attempts for them. However, as the first few become more experienced it becomes easier and easier, as you have a larger pool of ringers to draw on.

This weekend we had enough ringers to attempt four quarter peals, two on Saturday morning at Walworth, either side of an Ordination service, and then two simultaneous attempts on Sunday evening at Isle of Dogs at Rotherhithe.

The weekend got off with a hiccup as we lost the first attempt for Bob Doubles less than 100 changes from the end. This would have been Paul Harding’s first inside. After the service we went for Grandsire Triples, but this had to be cut short as the ordination service had over-run by about 45 minutes, and four of the band needed to get away to ring for a wedding at Isle of Dogs. But we did ring a very good touch of 336 changes – a quarter of a quarter!

The wedding at Isle of Dogs was also quite unexpected as the bride only rang us up at 8.30 that morning asking us if we could ring. There had been a mix up over the booking and we had not been asked, however she was really keen to have the bells rung for her big day. And if the bride goes to that trouble at 8.30 am on her wedding day what can you do? Fortunately, by the miracle of the internet and the number of ringers we have to call on, we were able to field a team of seven ringers ready to ring out at 2.00pm. The bride and the vicar were very  pleased indeed!

On Sunday Emma Roberts rang her first quarter by ringing the treble at Isle of Dogs to Bob Doubles very well indeed, and Melanie Powell rang her first quarter of Grandsire Doubles inside at Rotherhithe, at more or less the same time.

All things considered, quite a successful weekend, and we look forward to ringing more quarters more frequently from now on, especially as we had eighteen different ringers take part in the four attempts, and we have a number of other people waiting in the pipeline to progress and join in.  Exciting times.





Luigi scores quarter on treble to reach level 3

By scoring a quarter of Doubles on the Treble for the evening service on 5th March at Christchurch, Isle of Dogs, Luigi Vicenti has completed Level 3 of ART’s ‘Learning the Ropes’ training scheme.

Level 3 takes ringers from call changes, building on kaleidoscope exercises through to ringing the treble and covering to methods. The level is passed when the ringer can do this sufficiently well to score two quarter peals at least one of which must be the treble to Doubles (or on higher numbers). The second can be ringing the tenor behind. Other activities include raising and lowering in peal.

Lugi and Guseppina started learning to ring in early 2013, as a result of the ‘Ring for Fitness’ publicity campaign initiated by the Churches Conservation Trust, in conjunction with the Ringing Foundation and Association of Ringing Teachers (ART). Their closest tower is St Mary Magdalene Woolwich, although the nearest with regular ringing is St Alfege, Greenwich. They have been regular visitors to the Tuesday practices at St James Bermondsey over the past four years.

We look forward to helping them complete the remaining two levels of Learning the Ropes, by which time they will be ringing Plain Bob and Grandsire inside to quarter peal standard. We also look forward to helping our other learners and visitors to achieve more passes over the coming months.