The addition of two bells

Ten bells for St Anne’s

When we installed the present ring of eight bells in 1997, we left space for two additional bells to be added to complete a ring of ten.

These two additional bells were cast at our local bellfoundry in Whitechapel, on 24 September, and were hung by our bellhangers Eayre & Smith Ltd on 9th and 10th November 2004.

The total cost of this project was £16,250, which has been promised by London ringers. One of the bells has been inscibed to mark the Centenary of the Middlesex County Association & London Diocesan Guild of Ringers.

The existing ring of eight bells are rung regularly. Because they are easy to ring, and are close to good public transport links, they are in much demand by ringers from other churches as a practice and teaching facility.

We also have an enthusiastic group of bellringers who man the ropes at several churches in the Docklands area.

The provision of two additional bells will enhance this work and make them a very useful training asset to ringers from all across London.

Video clip of the bells being cast –

Video clip of the bells being hung –

Video clip ofthe bells being rung