Plain Hunt and Plain Bob Doubles training day at Bermondsey

Training Day 12th March

On the clearest, sunniest Saturday of the year to date, over a dozen ringers met at Bermondsey for the latest in a series of training days. Based around improving Plain Hunt and Plain Bob doubles, it was very well subscribed with seven learners and seven helpers. This meant that everyone was able to have a strong band around them and support whilst they were ringing.

A strong focus of the DRC training days has been in developing skills to help people ring better as much as a focus on the line/rules of a particular method. The first part of the session involved a small theory section based on ‘Andrew’s Guide to Lazy Ringing’ (which may get published on this site if he ever bothers to write it) and the principle that by changing your position on the rope as you ring you can keep your rope straight and tight whilst changing speed more easily. We then put this into practice with an exercise in changing the speed of rounds from quick to slow or slow to quick in a single blow, practising this at both handstroke and backstroke.

Despite the best attempts to divert the attention of the group leader, with a gorgeous chocolate birthday cake, we then moved onto the set methods for the day. David Cloake took the Plain Bob group downstairs for a theory session whilst we gave each of the Plain Hunt group an extended period to practise, before the two groups reconvened for more practical work.

Although pleased with reports that the day had been of benefit and there being significant signs of improvement as the ringing went on, the proof of the pudding for any training day is in what happens afterwards. It has been incredibly encouraging to see people jumping up (well not literally – I would not advise that in the tower anyway) to stand behind people carry on the good work. My thanks to everyone for taking such an active part in the day and thanks especially for helping me eat the cake!

Article by Andrew Clark

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  1. andrewlarsen Post author

    Andrew, I thought the session on how to do a bob was really good and I have actually remembered it too ! Of course, my bell-handling is still rubbish…

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