Geek stuff – Flash new ways to link to the DRC website

For those who wish to link to the DRC website using social media or want to use a barcode on a document – this is for you !

Social media such as Twitter restrict a messgae to 140 characters – so a normal link to our website can take up a fair chunk of this. Those good folks at Bitly ( ) provide a service where they designate a short URL and map this to the normal one.  In our case, maps to  So, if you are a tweeter, you can now say a bit more when you link to us.

Here is a QRcode for our site. It was produced by our good friends at Bitly and actually links to our site via our short code.  When producing documents such as posters, business cards, flyers etc, include this QRcode and people can link to us by scanning it with a smart phone ap such as Google Goggles.  If you wish to use  the QRCode, you can download it from this post by right clicking on the picture and ‘save image’, or copy it from the media library, or go to and hit the ‘copy’ box.

Good luck !