Stepney Band wins novice Cup

On Sunday, May 20th, Stepney novices beat a band from Hackney to retain the MCALDG North and East District Novice Cup . The band included (back row) Ed Bucknall, David Giles as conductor, Julian Cass, and (front row) Andrew Smith, flanked by Alison Hammond and Trisha Shannon (who intends to keep on defending this trophy for another 20 years).


The winning band

Article and photo supplied by Trisha.


4 thoughts on “Stepney Band wins novice Cup

  1. Elizabeth

    ❓ ❓ ❓ But the band is made up of 6 paid-up Stepney members! See page 19 of the 2011-12 MCALDG Annual Report. May I request an amendment of the headline?

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