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Docklands Training Day – October 27th

Hi everyone.

Following positive feedback from the last one we are holding another simulator training day on Saturday 27th.

This is an opportunity to use the simulator with somebody experienced to focus on an aspect of ringing you wish to improve on, be it listening skills, handling or if you have used one a lot before then practicing a specific method. If you have not used one much then it is a good introduction and once you understand how it works then all you need is a couple of willing people and you can use it almost any time, for hours on end (or at least till you need a drink).

Sessions will run 9am-1pm at Rotherhithe and 10am to 1pm at Stepney and the slots are an hour long starting on the hour.

They are first come first served with no more than 2 people per slot.

Please do contact me to select a slot and make the most of this opportunity.
Any questions or problems with timing please get in contact.

All the best,
Andrew (Clarke)