Two Quarter Peal Firsts

DRC members have recently achieved two notable quarter peals –

On Sunday, 11 December, Gill rang her first inside triples at Stepney in memory of her Mother, Deena. The method was 1288 Grandsire Triples conducted by Roger Booth.

On Sunday, 4 December, Doug rang his first inside doubles – also at Stepney. The method was 1260 Plain Bob Doubles conducted by Andrew Clarke.

Congratulations to both and thanks to the other members of the bands. Full details at campanophile.

Quarter Peal Band for Gills first inside triples. Taken at DRC party later the same day. Band members (L-R) Andrew Clark, Morag Todd, David Giles, MIke Todd, Elizabeth LeMoine, Roger Booth, Gill Harris. Sam Press also rang the tenor, but had gone home as he is a lightweight.


Quater peal band for Doug (L-R) Morag Todd, Michael Todd, Doug James, Andrew Clark, Gill Harris, Elizabeth LeMoine

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